Eugene Parechyn, filmmaker in Chicago, IL

My name is Eugene Parechyn and I’m filmmaker, videographer and editor based in Chicago.

As someone who has studied the art of filmmaking, with a concentration in Directing, at Columbia College of Chicago, I have for many years worked on various shorts, documentaries, music videos, and commercials.

As a filmmaker, I have an excellent eye for great composition, an extraordinary imagination, and a passion for what I do. Also, besides being artistic, creative, and having a keen sense of paying attention to details, you’ll notice all that coming out into my work, which are greatly enhanced with the utilization of natural light that creates good-looking picture frames.

I was also named consecutively the “Best Videographer Of 2015” and “Best Videographer of 2016” on freelance website, Furthermore, one of the many music videos (Paul Freedom - Oh Lord) I created was accepted into several film festivals.

Currently, I’m working on few documentaries, shorts, and music videos for cadre of emerging artists from the Chicago rap scene.